Wholesome Content

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This is Meatloaf, my mom's cousin's cat. He was a curious kitty. One day I went to help them organize their house, and as I peeked out of the closet I was working on I found this!

Happy Daze

I found this smiley face that someone must have drawn in the cement before it dried. It made me smile.

Safe Travels!

The first time I ever drove across the country, it was by myself and, honestly, it was the most rewarding trip of my life. I spotted this at a gas station in New Mexico!

A Little Tip

When I was 19 I was a waitress at a "casual-fine dining" restaurant. One night both my manager and the kitchen staff had happened to ruin one of my table's dinners. I convinced my boss to comp their entire meal, but they INSISTED on paying for their dessert. They ended up leaving me a $333 tip, as well as a sweet note and a guardian angel token.


Need a little more faith in humanity? Once upon a time I went to a donut shop with a couple friends on our lunch break. We made it there about 10 minutes before they closed. We walked out the door with about 2 dozen FREE donuts, which we went on to share with our coworkers. Also, we saw Oprah IN THE FLESH that day.

Sink Kitty

This is my sweet Padme, my meatball, who currently lives with my parents. She saved me from myself after a pretty bad break up. Her favorite place to nap was in the sink, and she would refuse to move unless the sink was running long enough to get her soaking wet.

Story time!

As a mom, I try to read my baby books as often as I get a chance. This particular day our pup decided to join us, and my sweet girl spent story time giving him lots of pets!

puppy love

This blanket was gifted to us by the Helen Devos Children's Hospital NICU, when our daughter had to stay there after having seizures after her birth. I often use this blanket to take pictures or do tummy time, but EVERY time I lay it out, Kodak is IMMEDIATELY on it. He must love his baby sister a whole bunch!

fun with google ar

My father-in-law is probably one of the most "dad" type people I know. After he discovered Google's new Augmented Reality option, he had to share with the whole family. I decided to give it a try, and this is what I got.

baby duck

Seven dollars on Amazon, for a priceless amount of laughs.

best buds

We decided to get a puppy when I was 4 months pregnant, and everyone thought we were crazy. But this guy has loved snuggling his sister since he came home with us. Fun fact: based on the duration of a dog's pregnancy, these two were conceived within just a couple of days of each other!

does this need a title?

This picture was taken the day after my husband (soon to be at the time) and my little sister first met each other. We surprised her and picked her up from school early, got smoothies, and went to Chuck E. Cheese. They got along better than I could have ever imagined.